5 Easy Ways to Discover High-Performing Content Ideas.

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Don’t work hard, be wise.
Here is your opportunity to change your approach to your writing. Know how to achieve more by doing less.

I’m going to cover 5 completely free methods of choosing relevant and high-performing content ideas. Let’s start.

Udemy (Blog post topic goldmine)

First, and my favorite method of choosing content ideas…

Lessons that most people learn too late in life

Life is full of lessons. Some are easy to figure out, while others take time and experience to understand. If you could go back in time and give your 20-year-old self some advice, what would you say?

Below you’ll see lessons that most people learn too late in life. For…

Discover this to have ideal sleep, a young body, and longer life.

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Sleep isn't just a period when you lay down without consciousness.

During sleep occurs recovery, cleansing, and rehabilitation of your organism. In fact, in falling asleep you enter the rejuvenation chamber where your body is being recovered.

But when you don’t create necessary conditions your organism will be recovered badly…

Approach, mindset, tools, and everything for your success.

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Give up or continue to struggle is a decision you make often. It’s no secret that most people easily give up in life, in business, on their goals. Being attentive to this terrible concept, I’ve tried to discover the reasons people give up. A wise person, in this case, should…

Don’t miss these 3 vast benefits.

the article is about the remote work from and, cons of working from home and benefits of working from office or co-working space

Add joy to your business life. You deserve.

For nearly 2 years I’ve been working from home. I made my working space in a room, ordered a table, speakers. I made my comfort place to work. …

Never eat fried chicken with a fork in Georgia

This blog post is about US unknown and crazy US laws.
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Every country has its own set of laws. But these laws are usually known, or at least people have a vague idea of them. But as it turns out, the United States has a lot of laws that you likely don’t know.

You’ll be surprised to find out that there…

Never commit such horrible mistakes in life.

Lessons to learn from Game of thrones
Moviestore Collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Experience! That’s what you are looking for reading articles right now.

Today we'll talk about Game of Thrones. Probably the most famous TV series of all time that has great discussions in society’s different layers.

We lived 8 years in GOT. We found our favorite characters, discovered interesting deep drama…

Writing as a positive and productive habit to transform yourself.


Since I started writing on medium, I discovered that I have become better than before. At the end of the day, when I think I’ve written one article I feel happy, I like myself and my identity.

Now when I write, share my experience I have a big responsibility in…

Identify toxic habits and cut them from your life now.

how to quit toxic destructions and start succeed.

When our grandfathers wanted to see a naked girl, they worked hard for that, they were wild, they had the energy to act.

Today we’ll talk about distractions and goals.

If you have ambitious goals but haven't achieved them yet if you have distractions you want to quit and finally…

That’s where you need to invest your time money and energy

the article is about areas Of Life In Which I Invest. Health, Real communication, money and self-development.
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Succesful Investments starts with courage.

If you are reading this, that means you are serious about your life and you are trying to identify ways to improve yourself. That’s a powerful move.

Yeah, today we are talking about investments. But not just about money, also time and energy.
Investment is…

David K.

Marketing strategist. Excited to share my ideas related to entrepreneurship, freelancing and self-improvement. Happy to help people in a way of enlightenment.

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